After the UFAZ-ASOIU-UNISTRA first scientific conference that took place in November 2021, CCE’23 is the first of a future series of triennial international conferences taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan, co-organized by UFAZ Franco-Azerbaijani University, ASOIU Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, UNISTRA University of Strasbourg and the Complex Computational Ecosystem e-laboratory of the Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC) UNESCO UniTwin.

It is devoted to all scientists involved in transdisciplinary challenges crossing theoretical questions with empirical observations of multi-level and multi-modal computational ecosystems.

CCE’23 will be held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in the Caucasus, on a combined online / offline basis, as is now common in post-COVID events. It will take place on April 25-27th, just before the Formula One Baku Grand Prix (April 28-30th). There will be no conference fees for online speakers or attendees. Conference fees will only apply to in-person attendees, to pay for coffee breaks, lunches and social events. Paper selection will use an innovative collaborative author / reviewer procedure that was successfully inaugurated by the CS-DC 15 UNESCO world conference.

All subscribed and connected scientists in the world can attend and ask questions to either online or presentations in Baku thanks to combined online / offline moderation by session chairs in Baku along the published schedule.

All selected presentations will be given in front of the world via open videoconference tools. All subscribed and connected scientists in the world can attend and ask questions thanks to online moderation by session chairs along the published schedule.

Selected papers will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

Presence in Baku is encouraged to better promote your work in front of a live audience and other researchers, thanks to moderate conference fees (400€/4 days, cf. registration pages) and easy hotel prices (typically <50€/night for comfortable hotels, breakfast included).

All submissions accepted by the Programme Committee will be internationally published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series.

CCE 2023 Publication


  • Abstract & keywords submission: February 5th 2023  February 19th 2023
  • Paper / poster submission deadline: February 12th 2023 February 26th 2023
  • Notification of acceptance: March 12th 2023 March 26th 2023
  • Conference dates: April 25-27th 2023
  • Final version for publication: June 4th 2023


CCE'23 Conference Structure

1. Theoretical Approaches

           Chair: Conor Ryan

           Chairs: Cecilia Zanni-Merk, Habib Abdulrab

           Chair: Latafat Gardashova

           Chair: Carlos Jaime Barrios Hernandez

          Chair: Klaus Jaffe

2. Empirical Approaches

           Chairs: Olivier Poch, Julie Thompson, Ali Ayadi

           Chair: Masa Funabashi

           Chair: Chun-Yen Chang

           Chair: Cyrille Bertelle

           Chair: Céline Rozenblat

           Chair: Mathieu Schuster

           Chairs: Carla Taramasco / Jacques Demongeot

           Chair: Pierre Parrend

           Chair: Rodrigo Abarca del Rio