Agro-ecological computational ecosystems

Chair: Masatoshi Funabashi

This track aims at gathering scientists and practitioners interested in Agro-ecological computational ecosystems from the point of view of Complex Systems.

Submissions of posters (3 pages LNCS format), short papers (6 pages LNCS format) or full papers (12 pages LNCS format) are encouraged on topics including (but not limited to): biodiversity, ecosystem functions, ecosystem services, agroecology, nature-based solutions, carbon neutral/negative, polyculture, farm management, food distribution, health benefit, environmental impact, community ecology, biological interaction, metabolomics, allelopathy, pollination, soil microorganism, eDNA, taxonomy, citizen science, image processing, environmental sensing, deep learning, farming robot.

Reviewers: Masatoshi Funabashi, David Colliaux, Godai Suzuki, Tatsuya Kawaoka, Kousaku Ohta

Submissions and specific reviewing procedure